Friday, June 6, 2008

What I Have Been Reading

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I am a little slow on the posting today, as this week has been a busy one. Fridays With Francis will have wait until next week. However, I have been reading several great books of late (too many at once, actually). Here is what is on my desk:

The New Conspirators: Creating The Future One Mustard Seed At A Time
by Tom Sine, IVP

New Monasticism: What It Has To Say To Today’s Church
by Jonathn Wilson-Hartgrove, Brazos-Press

Treasures In Clay Jars: Patterns in Missional Faithfulness
by Lois Y. Barrett, D. Guder, et al., Eerdmans

Dissident Discipleship: A Spirituality of Self-Surrender, Love of God, and Love of Neighbour
by David Augsburger, BrazosPress

I am reading the first two of these books in an attempt to stir the imagination of how we are shape the future of our intentional community here in Winnipeg’s inner city. This part of our journey is most exciting to me as the nature of our shared lived together is the foundation of the Gospel we incarnate and proclaim. I also know that, beyond the romantic notions of true community, this journey will be demanding and hard work.

“Treasures In Clay Jars” is a follow-up volume to “The Missional Church” that explores 8 critical patterns of missionality as expressed in 8 unique missional congregations. As we prepare for the church plant, this book is incredibly helpful in (again) stirring the imagination what missional ecclesiology looks like. This last year has been for me a shift from values to virtues, from programs to patterns. This book is critical to that process.

If you follow this blog you will already know that I have been reading “Dissident Discipleship”, largely to explore a challenging and embrasive Anabaptist spirituality. While I am only borrowing this book (and need to get it back long before I will have exhausted it’s use), it is an excellent book for both personal and communal spiritual/missional formation. I will have to buy it for myself.

So that is what I am reading. How about you? What’s keeping your brain busy these days?

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